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Beekeeping is fun if you knew the right way to do it. The equipment must be ready before the post office calls for you to get the bees. The most important piece of equipment you need is the beehive.

The beehive you get must have at least five supers. You cannot miss out on the supers because the bees store honey there. These five supers should be between the bottom of the hive and the hive cover. The young bees will also be raised in the supers, so the supers are more important than just for honey storage. About 9 to 10 frames will develop in each of these ten frames as the hive becomes active. You can choose if you want a hive with shallow supers or deep supers. When you get a hive with a deep super, you will need to purchase just a single size of foundation. A buzzing hive with a deep super can go up to a hundred pounds in weight. Carefully place your beehive on a flat surface so that it does not tip over when the wind gets too violent. Set up your beehive in an area that is not trespassed by pets or humans. A spacer can help you to maintain equal distances between the frames till the time they are within the super.

The next device you will need is a smoker. With the help of the smoker, you can drive the bees out of the hive when you want to remove the honey. The design of the smoker is actually quite minimal. The basic design of the smoker includes a combustion chamber along with a funnel and bellows. Burlap can ignite quite easily and still it smokes and smolders a lot. One more choice would be to use dried up corn cobs. Allow the fire to keep burning with the bellows.

Now is the time to get a metal hive tool. This tool will help you to pry open your beehive, separate its various compartments and to keep the beehive clean. The metal hive tool can really do a lot of thing in beekeeping for you. Without a bee brush, getting bees is just not wise. A bee brush is used to gently brush bees out of the way so that the beekeeper can examine the frames.

When it is time to harvest your honey, you will need a fumer board. You can drive the bees away from the honeycomb using this fumer board because of its bee repelling chemicals. eBay can help you get some inexpensive material for beekeeping, but these things will be used. The best place to get beekeeping equipment is the Internet.

Visit: How To Start Beekeeping for a step by step guide to beekeeping.

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